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Welcome to our Training Facility at Clear Creek Ranch and the home of Cayley, Katie, Ryley, and Gracie Wilson.


Here at Clear Creek we integrate training, optimal nutrition, the best farrier and veterinary services, dental, chiropractic, and all of our combined years of experience of general care into our program.


Just as an Olympian cannot excel without proper care and maintenance of their bodies, we feel the same is true for our horses. These powerful animals are extreme athletes, and if we are mindful of that, we can keep a healthy balanced horse, mind, body and soul.


Cayley's training emphasizes a strong two year old program which progresses them into their aged event years. We start colts as early two year olds and they're first training experiences are tremendously important.


Here, they get a strong foundation from day one, "You have to walk before you can run", and by using this method of training we find it builds the most confidence and consistency for a solid, trained horse.

* Haul In lessons with your own horse: Flag $50 ~ Dry $75 ~ Cattle $100

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